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Save time, money and promote wellbeing in the workplace.
'The average wait time to see a doctor in the UK is OVER two weeks.'
Pulse Today, 12 August 2019

By providing rapid access to doctors both at work and home for your employees, you can save time, money and promote their wellbeing in the workplace.

Our data shows that staff tend to ignore potential health problems because they do not want to be seen taking a leave of absence due to health-related issues.

Businesses also lose money when key individuals are absent from work due to poor health and/or because they have little choice but to spend time in waiting rooms in the hope of getting an appointment with a doctor.

vdoc provides rapid access to doctors, diagnostics, clinics and hospitals through its fast growing network of international health resources.

Start saving!
'vdoc membership starts from £4 a month per employee. See how much you could save!'*

*The total saving above includes annual vdoc membership fees. The calculator app is provided for illustration purposes only.

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