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Our award-wining concierge service will soon be available via mobile app.

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vdoc app FAQs

  1. What is vdoc?
    vdoc is a private medical service which provides patients with access to doctors by telephone, virtually & physically and GP referrals to leading specialists across our dedicated network. All are managed by our dedicated team so there is minimal inconvenience to the patient.


  2. How does this service work?
    First, you will need to complete a booking request using the form provided.  Our concierge team will assess your request and if successful they will contact you to offer an available appointment with one of our doctors and. You will receive a payment link and details of the appointment reserved for you.  Once you have made payment you will receive an appointment confirmation email and receipt. At the appointed time one of our doctors will contact you either by telephone or video (if requested).


  3. Is vdoc a confidential service?
    Yes, vdoc is a completely confidential service.


  4. Do you need my insurance details?
    Not for your initial doctor’s consultation, but if a referral or any tests are required, you will need to contact your insurance company and obtain a pre-authorisation number.


  5. What happens if I lose picture/connection during my virtual consultation? 
    The doctor will call you back on the number you’ve provided.  If s/he is unable to get through, they will leave a message to contact the appointments team to book a new appointment.


  6. How long will my consultation last?
    Consultations last approximately 15 minutes.


  7. What happens after the consultation?
    A member of our team will call you back on the number you’ve provided and depending on the outcome of your consultation they will guide you on the next steps.


  8. I have been given a prescription; can my medication be delivered to me?
    Yes, we can arrange for your medication to be discretely delivered to you. (Charges will apply for this service.)


  9. What if I need a repeat prescription?
    You will need to have a consultation with a doctor first before any repeat prescriptions are issued.


  10. What if the doctor needs to see me in person?
    You will need to visit our nearest health centre, details of your appointment and travel information will be sent you via email. (Charges will apply for this service).


  11. What if I want to have a blood test or a scan, can you arrange this?
    Yes, however you will need to have a consultation with a doctor first so they can give you the best clinical guidance.


  12. When will I get my results?
    We aim for a turnaround time of 24 - 48 hours, we will try to ensure you receive your results as soon as they are available however, more specific tests/scans may take longer.


  13. How will I receive my results?
    We can email your results securely using encryption to you that can only be viewed with a passcode we issue to you.

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